THE LINLEY COMPANY is a management consulting firm specializing in corporate strategy and innovation. We know business is tougher than ever before – where competition is now global, the need to innovate never stops and the downward pressure on margins means you need to implement exacting ways to mine more gross profit from everything you do.

As part of your move toward excellence, we can help you achieve your growth and profit objectives through our broad entrepreneurial and general management backgrounds and our focus on best practices in strategic management.

 Our principal, Chris Johnson, is the founder of several companies and the current owner and manager of two small businesses.  

  • A small company and entrepreneurial start-up specialist
  • With a history of launching new products and new businesses
  • Assists companies to identify & leverage their core strengths
  • Create a social media strategy to strengthen identity and engage clients
  • Known for building and coaching a team of people to launch new products or businesses or to revive an underperforming enterprise. 

You can read more at The Linley Company web site


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